Ausome Afternoons

Ashland Theatre is pleased to offer our program Ausome Afternoons for children on the autism spectrum and their loved ones!


An awesome experience

Ausome Afternoons will take place the first Saturday of every month beginning in February 2019. For more information about purchasing tickets for Ausome Afternoons, please see our ticketing page.


What to expect

We aim to make the movie experience as comfortable as possible for individuals with sensory sensitivity.

  1. The movie will start at a precise time with no previews.

  2. The lighting will be dimmed, but will remain on.

  3. The sound will be lowered.

  4. A viewing floor space will be created for children who prefer to watch the movie sitting on the ground instead of in a chair.

  5. Families with special dietary needs will be allowed to bring snacks in from home.

  6. The Theatre lobby will have supervised activities for children who need to take a break from viewing the movie.

New experiences can be challenging with children on the autism spectrum. Prepare for your Ausome Afternoon experience by viewing our virtual tour of the Theatre here!


Our partners

Ashland Theatre has partnered with The Faison Center to create Ausome Afternoons. The Faison Center, located in Richmond, Virginia, is a non-profit educational and treatment center serving individuals and families impacted by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities.

Thank you to Dominion Energy for their donation of $20,000 to help fund Ausome Afternoon.