Seat Sale and Packing!

17191612_1451829364836243_4394812196364858635_o 17103663_1451829301502916_3212419385548285351_n 17191238_1451829144836265_6377279086612313365_n 17155747_1451829124836267_6598355452130168298_n 17201018_1451829014836278_2475340782299002746_nThanks to our dedicated volunteers for making our seat sale & packing day such a big success: Chopper Dawson, Clark Mercer, Jen Chambers, Caroline Cooke, Jim Foley, Alan Abbott, Connor Olin, Felix Stevens, John Hodges, Gary Robertson, Claire Abbott, Lily Abbott, Maggie Abbott, Adam Perkins, Nick Vanderburg, and Nick Thompson. We can’t do it without your help!