Want a piece of Ashland history for your very own??

seatOwn a Piece of History — Original Ashland Theatre Seats on Sale this Saturday, February 25!

As part of the renovation of the historic Ashland Theatre, the original seats from the Theatre will be put on sale beginning this Saturday, February 25. From 10AM-4PM, come tour the Ashland Theatre and purchase a piece of history!

Seats come in rows of 5 or 10 seats; due to the configuration of the seats they are sold in complete rows though can be modified (i.e. a row can be turned into one single seat). Rows of 5 are on sale for $100 and rows of 10 for $150.

The renovation of the Ashland Theatre will include new, art deco inspired seating that will be up to present-day safety and comfort standards.

This Saturday’s sale is first come, first serve, and please contact the Ashland Theatre Foundation at cotuTheatre@gmail.com for more details.